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The New Testament in the Original Greek
Byzantine Textform

Compiled and Arranged by Maurice Robinson and William Pierpont

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Format: Hardcover, 610pp.
ISBN: 0759800774
Pub. Date: November 2005


THE NEW TESTAMENT was written in Koine Greek during the first century AD. From the time of its original revelation, handwritten copies continually were prepared in order to maintain and preserve that original text into the modern era. All copies made prior to the invention of movable-type printing were made by hand, resulting in various scribal alterations, most of these being of a minor nature. Although the autographs no longer exist, and no two manuscript copies are completely identical, sufficient evidence exists from which one can produce an accurate representation of the original text by comparing and evaluating the overall manuscript consensus. Robinson and Pierpont have taken the utmost care in preparing that text for this edition.

Various other methods for restoration of the original NT text have fallen short of their goal, in part due to methodological subjectivity, and in part to a presuppositional bias against the claims of the Byzantine Textform. The texts created under such a bias tend to be based on only a handful of favored manuscripts, and fail to consider all transmissional factors in the preservation of the original text. As a result, the modern eclectic texts tend to preserve more of a caricature than the essence of the originals.

In contrast, Robinson and Pierpont have applied many of the same methods of textual criticism to their task, but without the anti-Byzantine bias. Their method of "reasoned transmissionalism" is based on the wider scope of manuscript transmission throughout history. The preface of this edition explains the basic method by which the present editors have arrived at their basic text. The appendix contains Robinson's essay, "The Case for Byzantine Priority," which presents a rationale for and defense of the theory and methodology that has been applied in the preparation of this edition.

Featured Title...

From Harvard to Hell and Back
by Eric H. Sigward

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Format: Paperback, 205pp.
ISBN: 0972707700
Pub. Date: January 2001


From Harvard to Hell and Back is Eric Sigward’s autobiography which details his days as a star athlete and respected student at Horace Mann, and continues throughout his academic career at Harvard and Trinity College in Cambridge during the tumultuous 1960’s and 70’s. Sigward leaves nothing out, discussing his self-described “misuse of sex, drugs and misdirected spiritual interest.” His story of perseverance also describes his escape from a hedonistic life-style and his eventual discovery of the “God of grace.” The book is divided into four sections: Horace Mann School for Boys, Harvard University, Cambridge University and Stanford University, and contains 20 pages of photographs that encourage the reader to connect with the people and places in Sigward’s young life.

Eric Sigward writes: “Higher education, sport and motorcycles, these are the roads I traveled, looking for personal satisfaction. The early story covers attitudes and accomplishments that are a great part of the American Dream. Conversely, the development of a cumulative sense of evil as I slid into misused sex, drugs and misdirected spiritual interest eventually led me to the God of grace.”

Editorial Reviews

G. I. Williamson, New Horizons, March 2003
What a story! What a transformation! This fine book is an encouragement to read. I recommend it.

Dan Collier, Harvard AB ‘59, author
All readers will find this book very illuminating concerning America’s most senior institution of higher learning.

About the Author

Eric H. Sigward was born and raised in New York. His father had a gymnasium; his mother did social work with the poor. His older sister, Ellen, was an actress at her death at age 42. He is a Harvard, Cambridge, Westminster Seminary graduate. His works include the tract, “When Tragedy Strikes” and the CD-ROM The Works of Cornelius Van Til, 1895-1987. An autobiography of his life from ages 12 to 25 is contained in his book, From Harvard to Hell and Back.

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