Minimum Requirements

These items are not negotiable
  1. The project must be book material. That is, it must be suitable for paper or hardback, perfect or sewn, of sufficient pagecount, trim size, and volume to consider book publication. We do not produce magazines, POP, flyers, or other promotional material.
  2. The project should be "edition" oriented. We do not perform periodical work. An exception would be items of known update intervals; such as directories, yearlies, or annual reports; which meet certain setup requirements and fit within our capacity.
  3. The project should be technical or technically difficult. Our expertise is technical; so the project should be relating to the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering (Electical, Mechanical, Chemical, Process, Reliability, etc.), Medicine, Computer Science, or Software. An exception might be one that requires particular skill in formatting the text which other publishers cannot normally provide but our proprietary methods allow.
  4. We will not print any material that contains the following:
  5. All material submitted to us becomes our property.
  6. All material produced by us remains our property and is licensed for the use of the customer as depicted in the contract. Use beyond these terms is a violation of the contract and our copyright.
  7. We will take care to protect confidential information; however, we will not be liable for any breach.
  8. Certain bindings will require minimums. Most binding is done by outside vendors.
  9. Deposits required by our subcontractors must be paid by our customers in advance. No work will be performed without required deposits.
  10. We do not bankroll projects. All costs are to be paid upon completion of the contract. We will not take payment from sales revenue.
  11. If we are to provide marketing for a project, all material we require for such a purpose must be supplied. An alternative would be for us to produce this material at additional cost. If the customer also performs marketing, we must be informed of all activities.
  12. If we are to stock and distribute the material; all costs of storage, repackaging, shipping, handling, and insurance will be borne by the customer.
  13. We do not pay royalties. All material submitted is our property. All authors must provide a copyright release to us before any work will begin. In rare instances we will buy material; the cost of which must be borne by the customer.
  14. If the work is to recieve distribution outside of a corporation, we require proper ISBN numbers to be assigned. We can provide this service as well as submission to Books-in-Print and/or Library of Congress submission if appropriate. These services will entail additional cost.
  15. All work is performed under contract. Any speculative work done by us is at the risk of the perspective customer. Any material produced by us outside of a contract is our property and its use by the customer for any purpose other than consideration of a contract with us is prohibited. Receipt of any material is considered acceptance of the terms.
  16. If we cannot complete the work for any reason, our maximum liability is to refund the deposit made for our work and any payments for material that is unusable. We will not be liable for work by subcontractors nor will we refund deposits made to them as these contractors are in contract with our customer, not with us. All recourse to these subcontractors needs to be made directly. All material for which we refund the customer must be returned to us and the customer has no permission to use the material in any way. This includes any derivitive work based on our materials.
We reserve the right to refuse and project that does not meet the criteria, will jeopardize existing work, is outside our specialty, or for any other reason we decide in our sole judgement.